Uproar as McLaren escapes penalty for 'clear' mistake

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The Alfa Romeo squad has questioned wherefore Lando Norris escaped a punishment for incorrectly entering the pitlane during the chaotic decorativeness to the Russian Grand Prix.

Norris was connected way for his archetypal ever Formula One contention triumph erstwhile rainfall deed the way successful Sochi, turning the decorativeness of the expansive prix into a lottery.

The McLaren operator initially tried to enactment retired connected his slick tyres portion the remainder of the tract switched to intermediates, but the rainfall became excessively dense for him to continue.

Norris slid disconnected the way arsenic helium was passed by Lewis Hamilton for the lead, and headed for the pitlane astatine the extremity of that lap.

Hamilton wins historical 100th expansive prix

But helium had truthful small grip that helium failed to negociate a 90 grade crook successful the pitlane, simply skating implicit the achromatic enactment and backmost onto the track. After regaining power helium crossed the unbroken enactment into the pitlane.

Such an offence is usually an automatic penalty, arsenic the Sky commentators noted astatine the time.

"You can't travel back," said erstwhile operator Paul di Resta.

"He's gone backmost into the pits and that is going to gain him a penalty," added David Croft.

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Remarkably, stewards chose to contented Norris with a reprimand, alternatively than the accustomed 5 2nd penalty, which would person dropped him from seventh to ninth.

The stewards took into relationship the information that Norris had slowed considerably for the turn, and that crossing the enactment wasn't intentional.

That has Alfa Romeo brag Fred Vasseur seeing red.

Rain denied Lando Norris his archetypal expansive prix triumph successful Russia. (Getty)

"I'm precise bittersweet for Lando, due to the fact that helium did a fantastic play successful Sochi," Vasseur told Motorsport.com.

"But past it's not due to the fact that you similar the feline and helium deserved to triumph that we person to alteration the rule. The regularisation is crystal clear, that if you transverse the line, you person to beryllium penalised.

"It was the lawsuit connected tons of occasions, for 10 times little than this, with [Yuki] Tsunoda successful Spielberg, with (Kimi) Raikkonen past twelvemonth successful Mugello. And precisely the aforesaid information with Lewis (Hamilton) successful Hockenheim successful 2019."

Tsunoda was doubly penalised during the Austrian Grand Prix for simply touching the achromatic enactment connected pit entry, an offence that carried perfectly nary information to those astir him, dissimilar Norris.

"I volition accidental that it's adjacent worse successful these conditions," helium said. "Because erstwhile Tsunoda enactment a instrumentality connected the achromatic enactment successful Spielberg, it was not a information issue, it was not a summation of time, due to the fact that similar erstwhile you are astatine the pit exit you spell consecutive if you interaction the achromatic line, you are not faster. But helium got penalised.

Lando Norris congratulates Lewis Hamilton aft the Mercedes operator won the Russian Grand Prix. (Getty)

"And cipher complained astir this that day, due to the fact that the regularisation was clear, you enactment the instrumentality connected the line, you are penalised.

"Last week, the vantage for Lando was mega. Because successful this concern either you instrumentality 5 seconds oregon you bash different thigh successful the bedewed connected slicks, and you're losing possibly 25 seconds.

"Now we are starting to find let's say, not reasons, but the mentation astir the incident, and we are looking stupid."

Alfa Romeo would person been 1 of the teams to payment had Norris been penalised, arsenic Raikkonen would person been promoted from eighth to seventh.

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