Oakland County Prosecutor Says Law Enforcement Doesn’t Know Where The Crumbleys Are

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The manhunt is continuing arsenic Oakland County authoritative Karen McDonald says that instrumentality enforcement doesn’t cognize wherever the Crumbleys are.


Oakland County authoritative Karen McDonald said that instrumentality enforcement does not cognize wherever the Crumbleys are astatine this moment. pic.twitter.com/1U7SDV1yzf

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) December 3, 2021

McDonald told Nicolle Wallace connected MSNBC’s Deadline: White House, “As of this moment, we bash not. The lawyer for the defendants has — is successful interaction with the sheriff’s bureau and they have been told that they mean to turn themselves in. However, we announced charges at noon today. It is present astir six hours later and they person yet to amusement up. “

The Crumbleys assertion that they aren’t fleeing, but instrumentality enforcement does not cognize wherever they are. The parents of the schoolhouse shooter near town. They are not successful interaction with instrumentality enforcement. They missed their arraignment hearing. Police are saying that erstwhile they are apprehended, they volition beryllium going to jail.

The parents person nary accidental of enslaved due to the fact that they person proven by their erstwhile that they tin and volition flee.

If a suspect misses an arraignment hearing, and instrumentality enforcement can’t find them, they person fled.

The Crumbleys volition beryllium found, and they volition beryllium down bars.

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