Judge Blocks Texas Law That Would Have Blocked Social Media Companies from Banning Users for Political Views

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A national justice has blocked Texas from enforcing a instrumentality that would person blocked societal media companies from banning users based connected governmental views. 

“Social media platforms person a First Amendment close to mean contented disseminated connected their platforms,” Judge Robert Pitman wrote, adding that societal media platforms are “privately owned platforms” and not “common carriers.” 

In September, the Texas legislature approved a instrumentality that bars societal media companies from banning users for their “political viewpoints,” a triumph for Republicans who person accused them of stifling blimpish thought connected societal media platforms.

“Social media websites person go our modern-day nationalist square,” Texas Governor Greg Abbott, a Republican, said astatine the time. “They are a spot for steadfast nationalist statement wherever accusation should beryllium capable to travel freely. But determination is simply a unsafe question by societal media companies to soundlessness blimpish viewpoints and ideas.”

The instrumentality prohibits social media platforms with much than 50 cardinal users from banning radical based connected their governmental viewpoints, a measurement that critics of the instrumentality authorities does not respect the law close of backstage businesses to modulate the contented they let connected their platforms.

Conservative comments connected media bias echo sentiments expressed by erstwhile President Donald Trump, who has continued to obstruction against “fake news” and media sum he’s perceived to beryllium unfavorable to him and his administration.

In 2018 helium claimed Twitter is “SHADOW BANNING salient Republicans” successful effect to a news story that alleged accounts owned by Republicans were showing up successful a wide hunt of the website but not automatically populating erstwhile typing their names successful the drop-down bar. Twitter aboriginal issued a response, attributing the contented to a level bug.

Ultimately, the deficiency of immoderate grounds has not stopped allegations of bias from circulating successful blimpish circles, culminating successful efforts similar the Texas law.

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