Fisker is ‘electric vehicle architect,’ Morgan Stanley says, boosting stock

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Fisker Inc. banal jumped astir 20% connected Tuesday aft a boost from Morgan Stanley, which said the electric-car shaper is the uncommon EV startup apt to motorboat its vehicles connected clip and that the banal has country to much than treble successful a year’s time.

Fisker FSR, +18.82% shares were connected way to adjacent astatine their highest successful astir six weeks and for their largest one-day percent summation since precocious February.

Adam Jonas astatine Morgan Stanley resumed sum of Fisker’s banal astatine the equivalent of a bargain rating, mounting a 12-month terms people of $40, oregon 122% upside implicit Tuesday’s stock price.

“We judge (Fisker) whitethorn beryllium 1 of the lone EV-related startups to really motorboat connected clip and ramp efficaciously successful precocious 2022,” Jonas said successful his note. Its concern exemplary is to beryllium an EV design-and-engineering laboratory and consumer-experience “architect,” helium said.

“We proceed to urge FSR arsenic our highest rated de-SPAC EV startup,” Jonas said.

Fisker has moved to contracting with car parts, electronics and different makers successful a bid to diversify its production, a strategy immoderate connected the Street person dubbed a bid to go the “Apple of autos,” focusing connected plan and user interfaces.

It announced a woody with electronics powerhouse Foxconn Technology Group successful February. Fisker besides has an statement with car parts shaper Magna International Inc. MGA, +1.42%, readying to person 4 vehicles successful accumulation by 2025, 3 with Magna and 1 with Foxconn.

Fisker is “taking a antithetic way with respect to outsourcing,” Jonas said successful his note. Fisker’s critics accidental that the EV shaper outsources “too overmuch to suppliers” and doesn’t person arsenic overmuch of a “secret condiment ‘in-house,’” helium said.

“While we hold that the large winners successful the planetary EV arms contention whitethorn beryllium the vertically integrated level players, determination is country for different strategies,” Jonas said.

Fisker successful August reported a narrower quarterly loss than Wall Street expected and said it remains connected way to commencement producing its archetypal vehicle, an all-electric SUV, by adjacent year.

Fisker went nationalist successful October done a merger with a blank-check company.

The banal has gained 20% truthful acold this year, with an beforehand of astir 18% for the S&P 500 index. SPX, +0.18%

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