Brian Williams Shreds Madison Cawthorn’s Claim Of A Constitutional Right To Air Travel

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After Congressman Madison Cawthorn claimed that the unvaccinated person a law close to aerial travel, MSNBC’s Brian Williams provided the sarcastic reality.


Brian Williams connected Madison Cawthorn's assertion of a law close to aerial travel, "We checked the constitution, nary notation that we could find of airlines, summation legroom, commercialized table, transportation connected bags, peanuts, nary of that."

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) September 17, 2021

Cawthorn said connected Newsmax, “This is aesculapian apartheid.  There’s implicit 100 million Americans who are not vaccinated, and I deliberation it’s even much than that and if they privation to start shutting down aerial question to people getting astir the country, I deliberation it’s actually a law usurpation because you person a constitutionally predictive right, to escaped unrestricted travel wrong the United States of America. “

Brian Williams reacted, “ Perhaps you are wondering as we did, who’s going to archer him? We checked the constitution, nary notation that we could find of airlines, increase legroom, commercialized tables, carry connected bags, peanuts, nary of it.”

The Founders did not warrant a law close to aerial question successful the Constitution due to the fact that aerial question was hundreds of years distant from being invented erstwhile the Constitution was written.

Cawthorn, who is besides a domestic violent that is looking to origin much unit against the US government, has nary thought what is successful the Constitution.

The Constitution does not springiness Republicans the close to bash immoderate they want.  The Constitution does not accidental that an idiosyncratic has the close to dispersed COVID and termination others.

Rep. Cawthorn has nary hint what helium is talking about, which is wherefore truthful galore successful the Republican Party respect him arsenic a aboriginal rising star.

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