Bloober Team Reveals New Layers Of Fear Game Coming In 2022

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Bloober Team has astir precocious became known arsenic the workplace down The Medium and Observer, but it each started with its Layers of Fear franchise. The workplace announced during Tokyo Game Show that it is returning to its roots with a 3rd crippled successful the bid slated for 2022.

The caller crippled remains untitled for present but is being made successful Unreal Engine 5. A teaser trailer establishes an unsettling ambiance portion ostensibly showing disconnected the game’s presumed graphical fidelity. 

The archetypal 2 Layers of Fear games were released successful 2016 and 2019, respectively. Each tells intelligence fearfulness stories acceptable successful haunted areas with areas that perpetually morph and alteration shape, messing with the players’ consciousness of perception. In the archetypal game, you power a creator struggling to implicit his latest masterpiece. The sequel puts you successful the shoes of a Hollywood histrion formed to prima successful a movie aboard a cruise ship. While they weren’t the astir universally beloved titles (read our reviews for Layers of Fear and Layers of Fear 2), the bid surely has its fans and hopefully, Bloober Team has learned invaluable lessons to use successful the 3rd entry.

Bloober Team besides reiterated that it has two unannounced AAA games successful development, which the workplace antecedently stated were larger successful scope than its past title, The Medium. Bloober Team has besides spent the past fewer months deflecting rumors that 1 of those games is simply a caller Silent Hill project

Are excited for a caller Layers of Fear crippled and what improvements would you similar to spot successful the 3rd title? Let america cognize successful the comments!

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