Bennett would 'prefer' Sydney grand final

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Rabbitohs manager Wayne Bennett says helium "would prefer" if the NRL expansive final was played successful Sydney owed to the competition's storied history.

As it stands, the decider betwixt the Panthers and Rabbitohs volition spell up astatine Brisbane's Suncorp Stadium connected Sunday contempt yesterday's announcement of a capped assemblage astatine 75 per cent capableness owed to a COVID-19 outbreak.

Since the NRL was formed successful 1998, each expansive last has been played successful Sydney. Brisbane past held a expansive last a twelvemonth earlier successful 1997, erstwhile Bennett famously led the Broncos to the Super League rubric successful that competition's lone season.

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Weekend lockdown would unit NRL to postpone expansive final

Asked if Queensland deserves to signifier this year's expansive last owed aft redeeming the competition, which was forced to determination northbound aft NSW and Victoria were plunged into lockdown, Bennett gave a somewhat astonishing answer, revealing the past of the crippled is what concerns him most.

"The past of the crippled is it's ever been played successful Sydney," helium said.

"Personally I would similar the past of the crippled ... it wasn't possible."

Earlier today, Queensland premier Annastacia Palaszczuk confirmed the authorities "will spell into lockdown" should their existent COVID-19 outbreak worsen.

The authorities recorded conscionable 2 caller section infections today.

Should a Queensland lockdown hap earlier Sunday's large game,the NRL volition earnestly see postponing the showpiece event, perchance opening the doorway for it to beryllium moved to Townsville oregon adjacent backmost to Sydney.

NRL Grand Final to spell up successful Brisbane

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"Everything has its ain challenges... players are acceptable to play," Bennett said of the situation.

"If we've got to play tomorrow, adjacent week, the week aft - they volition play.

"It's thing we can't control."

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