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 Phoenix is an autonomous decentralized organization that is based on blockchain technology, ensuring transparency across all the processes. All financial transactions made in Phoenix are processed by Ethereum Virtual machine ― a global decentralized computer that stores information on transactions made within this system. A smart contract enables automated payments and guarantees that rules will apply to all participants equally. Its unique algorithm allows the users to double their feeding amount in case of successfully completed the next round.

Phoenix Yields Constant Streams of Gain

Phoenix is a symbol of Cryptocurrency Mining. Phoenix is a simple financial algorithm that is based on Ethereum Smart Contract (ETH) which allows users to make x12 in short term. Once the users join the network, they would receive constant gain.

Moreover, there are no claimed owners or creators of the Phoenix algorithm, since it is an absolutely open and transparent platform that everyone can read code and conditions. Cryptocurrency News implies that the platform is independent and nobody can influence the contract.

The Successful Start

This contract started just around 7 days ago and successfully raised more than 450 ETH (around 400k USD), which is a big achievement. Both small-scale and big investors participated.

Cryptocurrency Mining is to be noted that the members use word of mouth to generate more traffic since the more people join the platform, the more gain the users will get. The platform is witnessing an increasing number of members every day and expects to have investors from all across the world.

Edvin Kara, a renowned cryptocurrency analyst said that the launch of the Phoenix clearly shows that it is one of the biggest decentralized crypto projects in 2018.

The High-end Security

Phoenix is controlled by a smart contract technology that acts as a safe keeper of users’ funds because nobody, not even phoenix itself, has any access to users’ personal financial information. The only participants of the system are the users and a decentralized platform.

How It Works

Users receive a contract that works independently while the platform keeps running, and the smart contract will stick to the rules described in it. If users decide to view a smart contract code or audit its activities, they can do so by using Ethereum block explorers such as

As far as rounds are successfully completed, a smart contract has no expiration date, which means the users will never stop making their profit. Watch how Cryptocurrency Market works.

A participant can make a deposit to the Ethereum smart contract at any time, and by doing so he becomes a part of a system. Ethereum smart contract has no fees or additional charges except for the miner’s network commission. The platform has recently closed its successful second round.

The platform claims that the secure, mathematically advanced algorithms will continue to ensure returns till the end of successful rounds. Even if any of the rounds fail to close, those investing in that particular round stand to receive their funds back. However, those from the previous round may end losing out on the final return on investment, which is a small gamble some investors are more than willing to take.

With more rounds in-store, the platform looks forward to seeing many people join the community and earn a quick buck without risking much.


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