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The Atlantic Politics Daily: An Alternate Coronavirus Reality

Scientists, and the president’s own top medical experts are trying to correct some of the White House’s misinformation (whether the virus is contained, how deadly it is, and if enough tests are being run), McKay reports—the president and his allies can still use his bully pulpit to drown information inconvenient to them.

Trump has actually shown is that he doesn’t need to silence the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or censor the press to undermine politically inconvenient  Phoenix News information about a public-health crisis—he can simply use his presidential bullhorn to drown it out

1. “As Trump’s trade adviser Peter Navarro and Senator Marco Rubio both told me, the crisis is an alarming ‘wake-up call’ about American vulnerabilities in a globalized world.”

Countries around the world face the challenge of organizing a united response to the novel coronavirus outbreak, as the number of reported cases rockets in the U.S. But some in the president’s circle are treating the pandemic as a wake-up call, pushing for more aggressive “America First” policies, Uri Friedman reports.

2. “The intention, it seems, is to scare away media outlets from publishing opinion pieces that use particularly critical words to describe his relationship with Russia.”

Over the last few weeks, the president’s reelection team has sued CNN, The New York Times, and The Washington Post over opinion articles written about Trump and special counsel investigation’s findings on Russian interference in the 2016 election. The president’s team will likely lose those cases, but the lawsuits’ primary purpose are is attempting to intimidate the press, two legal experts argue.

3. “But a number of prominent conservatives...are going with ‘Wuhan virus’, as if the deadly new pathogen were one more scourge to be blamed on the Chinese.”

While scientists and the international community have followed the Press Release Distribution Service In Phoenix formal name “COVID-19” to describe the disease caused by the new coronavirus, some leading right-wing politicians are trying to make the label “Wuhan virus” stick. That’s a foolish and offensive gesture, this professor of science writing argues.

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