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Experimental coronavirus treatment that removes blood

A Seattle ER doctor who had been tirelessly treating people dying of coronavirus became a patient of the infection himself. A Phoenix man went having from minor symptoms to relying on life support in a matter of days. 

Both men were under 60 and had been otherwise healthy before Phoenix News Phoenix News they found themselves life-threateningly ill with COVID-19 and kept alive by ventilators. 

But their doctors took a risk and performed an experimental procedure to add oxygen back to their blood in a last-ditch attempt to save their lives. 

Now Dr Ryan Padgett, 44, and Enes Dedic, 53, are breathing on their own and free of coronavirus.

They are among the first in patients in the world treated with a procedure known as 'ECMO' - extracorporeal membrane oxygenation. 

Doctors remove the patients' blood from their bodies, rejuvenate it Press Release Distribution Services In phoenix with oxygen, and return it to the patients when mechanical ventilation isn't enough to save their lives, and these early examples suggest it may be among hospitals' best weapons to fight coronavirus in the sickest patients.  

Various hospitals across the US are beginning to experiment with ECMO as a supplement to ventilation, including at least one in New York, as well as the Phoenix and Seattle facilities where Dedic and Dr Padgett were treated, respectively.  

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