1/6 Committee Announces Multiple Weeks Of Public Hearings Into Trump’s Coup

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Republicans person been disquieted and tried to bash everything successful their powerfulness to unopen down the investigation, but it has been announced that the 1/6 Committee volition clasp aggregate weeks of nationalist hearings.


Vice Chair Liz Cheney said, “ We anticipate adjacent twelvemonth we volition beryllium conducting multiple weeks of public hearings mounting retired for the American radical successful vivid color precisely what happened, every infinitesimal of the day, on January 6th, present astatine the Capitol and astatine the White House and what led to that convulsive attack.”

Republicans person tried to obstruct and thwart the investigation. They person tried smear campaigns and non-compliance. They person raged successful hearings, raged successful property conferences, and raged connected the House floor.

The 1 happening that they person not been capable to bash is to dilatory down the investigation. Republicans person been disquieted that erstwhile the information comes retired astir 1/6, it volition wounded them successful the midterms.

One gets the consciousness that conscionable similar Jeffrey Clark, immoderate of these Republicans volition beryllium pleading the Fifth if they are called to testify.

At the tallness of the midterm predetermination campaign, the federation volition yet get the details astir however the 1/6 onslaught was planned, who was involved, and the communicative behind  Trump’s attempted coup.

The Republican onslaught connected ideology volition beryllium exposed connected nationalist TV.

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